Your first question might be: What is a stage 1 Upgrade?

To put it simply it is 3 seperate upgrades to your bike which, when done together result in substantial improvements in PERFORMANCE, ENGINE TEMPERATURE and SOUND to your bike.

The THREE things are:

1: Exhaust – We cannot recommend ANY brand higher than Vance and Hines for this purpose. They are simply the BEST. Unbeatable quality and very resonably priced (well, from here anyway) and a HUGE range. They won’t just make your bike LOOK and SOUND better, it will GO BETTER too!!

2: Air Filter – There are many great high flow air filters to choose from. This often comes down to a choice of LOOK as most high flow air filters on the market will more than suffice for a stage 1 upgrade. Our personal recommendations are (not in any particular order), Vance and Hines, Kuryakyn, Arlen Ness and Screaming Eagle. Some will change the look of your bike for the better whilst others, like the Arlen Ness Big Sucker will fit under your STANDARD cover and, whilst providing a high flow air intake will let your bike retain that STANDARD look. Each to their own when it comes to air filters. Call us and we can help you decide which is best for you!

3: EFI Module – This could be the most important of the THREE parts of the stage 1 upgrade when it comes to power increases and this is where we excel in the industry. We have 12 years in EFI tuning experience from motorcycles to turbo and supercharged circuit and drag race cars. Please call us to discuss which EFI unit is the best for your particular bike. With certain models, we will PRE-PROGRAM the unit FOR FREE before we ship it to you to fit your bike and this will save you a COSTLY DYNO TUNE. The unit will arrive already programmed to suit your bike as if it had been dyno tuned by us but without all the cost and hassle… and you know it has been done right!

WARNING: The other important thing to know about Australian Model Harley-Davidson Motorcycles is that they come out with an ACTIVE EXHAUST MODULE and an ACTIVE AIRBOX MODULE which do NOT come out on American Models so it is important to know this before you consider purchasing outside of Australia. VERY IMPORTANT! We have all the right bits and the know how! Don’t get stuck with bits that won’t work or that don’t have all the bits you need to complete the install.

A Stage 1 upgrade can result in up to 20% Horse Power increase and more importantly will stop your bike running LEAN and will also make it run COOLER. It will also remove (in most cases), or at least reduce that nasty POPPING sound on deceleration and replace it with what I think is a much nicer sound.

So be sure to call us and discuss your stage 1 upgrade on your bike. It is imperative that you pick components that will work well together and that are well catered for when it comes to downloadable MAPS for your EFI Module. We are experts in this and only to happy to help! We can even do a REMOTE MAP INSTALL via the internet if you are in an extra big hurry for your EFI Unit.

Also, if you purchase all your stage 1 components together from us, further discounts will apply. Just give us a call before ordering or email shop@cheapbikeparts.com.au for a quote or more information. Any questions, please call us on 0409 240660 and ask for Dean.

We look forward to your call!