Just added a Power Commander or similar to your bike? Engine light on all the time? Not after you install these MUST HAVE items!!

Australian and European model EFI Harleys have had to pass some strict emission controls. To get the bikes passed they needed to have emission controls implemented on the Exhaust (in ALL countries) and the AIR BOX and ACTIVE EXHAUST here and in Europe.

When you put on a new exhaust system, you will no longer be using the active exhaust system. This is the system with the large solenoid which pulls a cable and then opens / closes a valve forcing the exhaust out of only ONE of the standard dual pipes which reduces both NOISE and PERFORMANCE.

This ACTIVE EXHAUST module is removed when you install your aftermarket full exhaust system as it will not work with the new system (nor would most of you want it to) but removing it will make the ENGINE WARNING LIGHT remain on the dash of your bike because the solenoid is no longer plugged into the wiring harness. Our ACTIVE EXHAUST BYPASS ELIMINATOR KIT simply PLUGS IN to where the solenoid WAS and the engine light will no longer show as error state.

Likewise when you change your AIR FILTER to a HIGH FLOW system as part of your STAGE 1 bike Upgrade (exhaust, air filter and computer upgrade/add-on) there is another sensor you will wish to bypass to INCREASE PERFORMANCE but once again removing this will result in the engine light showing a warning state!

Our nifty little Active airbox bypass will show the bike’s warning light to be in NORMAL WORKING ORDER and will hence not display a warning!

This kit will complete your STAGE 1 bike upgrade and keep the bikes fuel computer happy! 🙂

Active Exhaust Bypass Part Number: 76423022

Active Air Box Bypass Part Number: 76423018

Note: These are GENUINE Dynojet Products, beware of imitations! If they do not look EXACTLY like the ones pictured, they are NOT genuine DYNOJET bypass modules!! These have been manufactured to work flawlessly with the Dynojet Power Commander and provide the EXACT RESISTANCE required and expected by the Dynojet Power Commander Computer thus eliminating ALL engine warnings relating to the active airbox and active exhaust solenoids being removed.

Seen it cheaper elsewhere? No problem! Just email and we will sort that out for you ASAP!!