Sensor Plug Kit – 18mm – o2 Bungs

These are valid for late model bikes running EFI modules that do not utilize the o2 sensors (such as the dynojet power commander III) so you can remove the o2 sensors and the cables to them completely from the bike and block the o2 sensor ports entirely for a cleaner look.

They are also valid on older bikes that do not utilize o2 sensors at all. For example, if you have a 2003 model fatboy and put a set of 26029 vance and hines pipes on it, you would buy a set of these as well to block the o2 sensor port holes in the exhaust system as the bike has no o2 sensors at all from factory and hence you need to block the o2 sensor port holes that come in the exhaust since the part number 26003 (which was specifically made for 86-06 models) has since been discontinued.

A lot of guys buy these even for late model softails with power commanders on them etc etc just so they can achieve a cleaner look without the o2 sensors plugged in and so there are no cables running to the exhaust either.

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