Schampa Fleece Skull Face Mask (BLACK)

Made of a lightweight breathable fabric.
Great for wind and sun protection.
Velcro fastening.
Don’t pay $69.95 Australian RRP !! Pay our super cheap bike parts price!! $$$

These are NOT el-cheapo folded handkerchiefs with a skull printer on them!!

The ARE quality Genuine, First Quality NAME BRAND Schampa Fleece Skull Face Masks. This material has great wind and UV protection AND is HIGHLY POROUS which allows you to breathe freely through it!

Also, these are TRIANGULAR shaped and have velcro fasteners and hug your face and neck comfortably! Schampa is a world renowned brand name and are known for their top notch quality!

These are also similar style to that worn in the blockbuster hit movie “WILD HOGS” and look very intimidating and WAY COOL !!

The Fabric is stretchable and one size fits all… so unless you have a head like John Merrick (the elephant man) you should have no problems with this fitting you 🙂