Fits: 2002-2006 V-Rod models

Model: FM-809

We are pleased to introduce the Fuel Moto EFI Tuner by Dynojet. This easy to install Power Commander III USB based controller features easy to use PC III USB software and fuel maps. This is a full featured unit which plugs directly into your ECM with OEM style plugs. The Fuel Moto EFI Tuner features a powerful range of fuel and ignition timing adjustments, allows for individual cylinder tuning, has the ability to control start up/cranking fuel, there is an easy to use accelerator pump feature, and also allows users to raise the factory rev limiter to 6200 RPM’s (excluding V-Rod models). There are hundreds of maps on the included CD ROM covering most popular applications and hundreds more available from the Fuel Moto map database. Fuel Moto will also pre-program your EFI tuner based on the modifications you have made to your bike so it is ready to install when you receive it. There is also a wealth of support available from both Fuel Moto and Dynojet Research.

* Real Time tuning with Injector control of +/- 100% Ignition Timing adjustment +/- 10 degrees

* Individual Cylinder tuning with 250 RPM map resolution, up to 1000 available tuning points

* Features easy to use Dynojet Power Commander III Software and maps

* 100% compatible with all Dynojet PC III Accessories including the LCD-100 display

* Compatible with Dynojet Tuning Link software for Dynojet dyno tuning centers

* Includes USB Cable, CD ROM Software, 9V adapter for off bike programming, O2 sensor eliminators (if required) and detailed instructions

* Raise your Rev Limiter

Pre-programming available for your specific modifications
This product is for off road use only and is not emissions compliant