This model ONLY fits 2011-2012 Softail / Softail CVO and 2012 Dyna

Note: This model WILL work with Australian Harley Models fitted with active exhaust and active air modules!!

Throw away your power commander or your fuelpak etc etc. You don’t need them any more!! This will program you FACTORY DELPHI UNIT on your bike to do all of that for you!! One less thing to go wrong or you can mount this ON your bike to do a HUGE range of things. Watch the video and read the features below! This IS what you have been waiting for!!

Power Vision is the most powerful and quickest flash device on the face of the earth for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Power Vision is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, data logging, and other industry exclusive features. Developed to tune any fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the Delphi ECM , including 2011 models. The Power Vision Product Suite includes a full color touch screen flash device, vehicle interface cable, and WinPV (Windows PC based tuning application).

The Power Vision incorporates a very sophisticated, yet simple touch screen display that DOES NOT require the use of a computer to flash your bike. Simply select the tune and follow the on-screen prompts to download the tune, and if you’d like, edit your tune without ever touching a computer! That’s right, you can flash and make changes to your tune without ever getting off your bike.

Here are some of the editable tables and utilites within Power Vision:

* Front/Rear VE
* Front/Rear Ignition timing
* AFR/Lambda (you can display as AFR or Lambda)
* Idle RPM
* Rev Limiter
* IAC Steps
* Throttle Blade Control on Drive by Wire models
* Injector size
* Cranking Fuel
* Acceleration enrichment
* Deceleration enleanment
* PE fuel
* PE spark
* Warmup Enrichment
* Speedo Calibration
* Knock Control
* Adaptive Knock ….and more!!

For more info you can contact Dean on 0409 240660 or email