We are a premier seller of Vance and Hines Products. We sell at Wholesale prices to the public and are CONSIDERABLY cheaper than most bike shops.
We offer warranty within Australia and all of our prices for orders over $500 INCLUDE shipping to ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA!

WARNING: Please note that Australian Harley-Davidson models after 2006 have an ACTIVE EXHAUST module and also an ACTIVE AIR module to meet AUSTRALIAN EPA Requirements. ONLY AUSTRALIAN AND EUROPEAN MODEL HARLEY-DAVIDSONS HAVE THIS! U.S. Models do NOT ! So be aware of this fact befor you consider ordering any exhaust parts from outside of AUSTRALIA or EUROPE otherwise you may not get everything that you need to complete the install in the box. This is why it is important to purchase your parts for exhausts and air filters from Australia.We have all the right bits and advice for the Australian models!

We offer great support and speedy shipping of our Vance and Hines products and can also source a large range of spares and optional accessories.
We welcome your business and invite you to phone us should you have any questions whatsoever.

Please call Dean on 0409 240660. Look forward to hearing from you and remember…

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If someone offers you a better price please be sure to phone us first!
We aim not to be undersold and we can often do better than our advertised price or throw in a freebie with your order!