Note: These head pipes only, no mufflers in this kit. This kit is designed to be combined with a set of slip-on mufflers (some options listed below) to make a complete front to back system.

Part No: 16769

It’s time to get serious about the performance of your 2009 – 2011 FL. Power Duals is your ticket to style, quality and performance. More than just individual head pipes, Power Duals integrates an exclusive Vance & Hines Power Chamber hidden behind a contoured heat shield that generates more horsepower and torque than stock. This new right side design eliminates the heat issues on the left side for the passenger, routing hot exhaust gases below the footpeg and protecting vital engine components and side covers from heat damage. Power Duals is fitted with oxygen sensor ports making it a seamless power upgrade from stock.

For the most complete performance package, pair Power Duals with any of the Vance & Hines slip-on mufflers designed specifically for the 2009 Touring models. Fuelpak fuel management and air filter kits Duke or Drak, in chrome or black, complete the line-up of exhaust, fuel and air by Vance & Hines.


16753/55 – Monster Oval Slip-Ons
16761 – Turndown Slip-Ons
16763 – Twin Slash Round Slip-Ons
16765 – Twin Slash Monster Slip-Ons
16767 – Twin Slash Oval
16775 – Fishtail 3″ Slip-Ons
16457 – Hi-Output Chrome Slip-Ons
16933 – FL Left Muffler Mounting Kit

61009 – Fuelpak 08-11
61019 – Fuelpak 2011
71003 – VO2 Naked 08-11
40003 – Drak Air Intake (black) 08-11
70003 – Drak Air Intake (chrome) 08-11
40007 – Duke Air Intake (black) 08-11
70007 – Duke Air Intake (chrome) 08-11
71015 – Skullcap Air Intake Cover* (black)
71013 – Skullcap Air Intake Cover* (chrome)

* Skullcap is designed for use with the VO2 Naked Air Intake